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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Peggy - there are a lot of us!

When Peggy B, Leigh Anne's mom commented on one of my posts it made me realize that there are five people named Peggy (including me) following my blog.  For some reason, that seems strange to me:)  I never remember another Peggy in any of my classes at school.  When I worked at Leaman Management, there was a tiny young woman named Peggy hired to be the receptionist.  That caused some interesting conversations on how to distinguish the two of us.  Ideas I nixed were:  Young Peggy/Old Peggy; Big Peggy/Little Peggy -you get the idea!!!

My Peggy friends include:

Peggy B  - Leigh Anne's mom and Doug's favorite mother in law:)  Our birthdays are also just a few days apart.

Peggy K in North Carolina - we were neighbors in Sugar Land back in the days when we were having babies.  Her family moved to North Carolina years ago but we have always kept in touch.

Peggy W - sewing buddy and also the mother of twins

Peggy E - sewing buddy - her daughter may go to Texas State in the fall


ardell said...

Just curious...are all of you Peggys....Margarets in disguise????:)

becki-c said...

From a non-Peggy friend, yes it can be confusing...

Peg said...

As one of the Peggys, I find it confusing too Becki! Growing up, I was the only Peggy around until I hit my 40s (over 20 plus years ago!) and then I began to run into other Peggys everywhere. Ardell, I'm not a Margaret in disguise! I'm a true Peggy. I've never understood that nickname association! ;>)

Peggy K in NC said...

I am a Margaret but have always been called Peggy. Any fan of "Mad Men" knows Peggy Olsen. And there are the famous Peggys: Fleming, Noonan and Lee.

When we used to phone each other, we would say "Peggy, this is Peggy" and then laugh.

Peggy L said...

LOL! - I remember how funny we used to think the "Peggy, Peggy" was - first time I ever had a friend named Peggy.

Don't forget the Lennon Sisters! Peggy B is a "true" Peggy and was named after one of the Lennon Sisters that used to sing on Lawrence Welk.

Right now we are at a tie - 2 Margaret/Peggys and 2 "true' Peggys. I'll have to check with Peggy E. This Margaret/Peggy thing has given me some real grief getting my legal stuff in order the past couple of months:)

Peggy said...

I am a Margaret Peggy, named after my paternal grandmother. I was also named after my maternal grandmother, thank goodness my mom shortened Leona to Lee!!! So I am also a "Peggy Lee" ;)
I think my mother wanted me to change my name to Meg when I got older, but I love Peggy.

Peggy said...

Oh, and you heard it here first - Laura will be a Bobcat this fall! :)

Peggy L said...

Final count: Margaret/Peggy = 3 and "True" Peggy = 2

I'll tell Janet there is another "Bobcat"!! Ardell (my sister that posted
above} is also a Bobcat. Can't remember when she graduated - too long ago:):)

Another odd name thing - the young woman I am subletting from mother's name is "Ardell". Now how often do you hear that name?

Sarah said...

now you all have an idea what it's like to have a 'common' name. thanks mom.

Peggy L said...

At least we spelled it "right"!!!