"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Home Dec Project

Leigh Anne and I recovered their dining room chairs last Saturday night.  This week we have gotten the Rocketeer up and running and have put it to good use.  Leigh Anne and Doug wanted something to cover the metal rods on the chairs and we decided on these covers.  One is finished and Leigh Anne and I will work on the rest during the week.  This dining set has quite the history.  Leigh Anne's parents bought it used when they first married.  They used it for a long time and it was brought out of storage and passed down to Doug and Leigh Anne when they married.  A college friend of Doug's refinished it for them as a wedding gift.

It is another cold, rainy day in California!  Doug is busy watching the Masters and Leigh Anne is getting ready for the week ahead.  I am at my sublet seriously considering an afternoon nap.


becki-c said...

It sounds like you deserve it! Rainy afternoons are perfect for naps. I envy you, I am still finishing up those taxes.

Donna said...

I tried to upload a picture here, but it wouldn't let me. Oh, well. I'll have to be one of those friends without a picture! Hope you enjoyed your nap! I took one yesterday too!

Anonymous said...


The chairs are looking great and you three seem so busy. A Sunday PM nap is just the thing to do on such a rainy, California day.

I am so enjoying seeing your family and all your activities.

Karen from TN

LA and Doug said...

Your blog is so so cool!! We love looking at it :)