"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Knitting Update, etc

My scarf is growing longer!!  Tuesday mornings I go to the local knit shop, K2Tog, to get help and visit with the other knitters.  Ellen, the owner, is always helpful and straightens out whatever trouble I have gotten myself into.  I am getting better - I know when I make a mistake now and sometimes can fix it on my own.  When I get this scarf finished, Ellen is going to show me how to make socks!  Should be interesting.  The second half of this scarf is a repeat of the first half so I think it will go faster - maybe!    Note to sewing friends:  they have some great buttons as well as knitting supplies.  I've never thought of checking local knitting stores for unique buttons.

After knitting, I met Stevanne at Peet's and we had lunch and enjoyed some of the shops in the 4th Street area of Berkeley.  I'll start reading her book, The Contest, as soon as I finish my current book.  She is also known as "Dr. Toy".

I love Craigslist!!!!  I am set with a sublet in Juneau for the summer - Sarah went by and gave it a "thumb's up".  It is on Douglas Island, seven miles from downtown Juneau.  Next up?  Find a seasonal job!!  There is joy!


becki-c said...

That is coming along so nicely. You can really see the interesting stitches.
Alaska sounds wonderful, keep us informed of the job search.

becki-c said...

So, does red wine help knitting as much as it does sewing?

Peggy L said...