"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Union Square and Chinatown, San Francisco

Leigh Anne and I rode BART into the city today and did some shopping in the Union Square area.  She had received some gift cards for her birthday and found a nice London Fog coat and a cute skirt at Macy's.  I even found a new long sleeve t-shirt on the clearance rack.  It will come in handy in Alaska!   Leigh Anne had fun trying some new make-up.  We also went to Nordstrom's and looked at shoes - the best shoe department anywhere!    We both give Nordstrom's ladies' room five gold stars.  

Then we headed up the street and Leigh Anne noticed Britex!!  Poked my head in but it deserves a trip of its own - and it is going to be fun.   We found a restaurant in Chinatown and shared some great dishes.  Our indulgence of the day was next - foot massages.  Sheer bliss!!!!  We both loved it - but what's not to love?  It started with a ten minute soak in a herb bath and then 30 minutes of massage.  Honestly,  neither one of us would have ever gone in this little "hole in the wall" on our own but we sure made a brave duo.  If you ever get the chance, go for it!  Thanks to my sister, Ardell,  for giving me the idea.

We ended the day with a treat and then headed home on the BART.  I don't know about Leigh Anne but I came home and collapsed!


becki-c said...

That sounds like a fun day. Nordstroms does bring out your inner shoe fiend!

You will have to tell us about britex when you go, and I have got to break down and get a pedicure!

Peg said...

The foot massage looks heavenly! I got a pedicure a couple of days ago and the foot massage is almost the best part!

Fantastic photo of the Union Square skylight! Wow!

Are you sure you're not having too much fun?! I'm positively green! ;>)