"Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Questions and Answers

I've had quite a few people email me with the same questions so thought I would just answer them all here.

1.  How was it traveling alone?   It was great and very peaceful.  I truly enjoyed the journey.  My iTouch was loaded with music and a couple of audio books.  For now, I also have a trial subscription to XM radio.   I listened to what I wanted, when I wanted and stopped when I felt like it.  Amazingly, people talk to you more when you are alone.  People were very friendly and I was never lonely.

2.  Where did you stay?  The only hotels I stayed at were ones with inside corridors.  I just feel safer without a door opening to the outside.  I also tried to stop before dark but wasn't always successful on that score.

3.  Did you eat alone?  Yes - again, no problem.  All the hotels I stayed at had free breakfast so that made it easy.  People always talked to me in the hospitality rooms.  My cooler was packed with cheese, fruit, boiled eggs and drinks, etc. so I snacked on that at lunch and during the day.   I went out to a restaurant for dinner but avoided the chains.

4.  What would you do if you had a flat tire or car trouble?   New car so I wasn't worried about car trouble but I do have OnStar so could push a button and they would send help.  My brother put in a can of "Fix a Flat".  I have a cell phone:)  I also belong to AAA.

5.  Why did you choose that Bible verse at the top of the Blog?   I woke up about 2:30 a.m. the day the divorce was finalized and that verse kept running through my mind.  My interpretation was that God was telling me there would be joy in my life again.

6,  Were you ever scared?  You are so brave.   No, I wasn't scared and  I don't really think I was particularly brave either.  My mother used to drive across the country a lot and do whatever she wanted after my father died.  She set a good example and didn't let anything stop her.

7.  Why did you decide to do this trip?  My son and his wife came up with the idea of a sublet in Berkeley several months ago and it just sounded like a great idea to me.  Alaska was at the back of my mind, too.  All of my belongings are in storage and I am "homeless" so it is just the right time for me to do this from a financial standpoint.    The last year has been really difficult and this trip is part of the healing process.   What better medicine is there than spending time with your children?  By the end of the adventure, I will have enjoyed all of their company.   Janet and Nick might decide "too much time":):)

8.  How is it driving in Berkeley?  Not too bad!  I can get back and forth to Doug and LA's, grocery store, etc. without getting lost.  The speed limit is pretty low - 15-30 mph a lot of places so that gives me a little time to figure out my route.  Pedestrians always have the right of way and people really stop for them:)  I am used to Houston and being extra careful walking because Houston drivers don't know what a pedestrian is!  Lots of bicycle riders, too.  If I can, I walk where I am going.

9.  Have you seen the Golden Gate Bridge?  Yes!!  You can see it from Doug and Leigh Anne's balcony.  My goal is to walk across it before I leave.  I am petrified of heights so will have to see on that one:)  This picture is from their window - too far away for me to get a good shot with my little "point and shoot" camera.


Anonymous said...

I haven't read you in a few days, but what a great story so far. You have made this such an interesting story and I love your pictures. Keep it up!
PeggyK in NC

becki-c said...

The bridge walk will be very good! I think that traveling alone would be great, nobody elses feelings or convenience to worry about.
How is LA's sewing machine?
That picture of the bridge is beautiful! What a view.

Leora said...

Hi Peggy! Sounds like everything fell into place and your adventures are smooth going. What a neat idea to blog along the way, I love it! :)

Robyn said...

Walking across the bridge? You're a braver woman than I!!